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The Premier Youth Sports Camps in Northwest Arkansas

Basketball, Pickleball, and Volleyball Camps

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Basketball Camp Preview - Summer 2024

RYG Camps are Different

3-in-1 Development


Develop the sport-specific skills needed to raise your game to the next level


Learn the leadership skills and behaviors needed to become your best and lead your teammates


Build a resilient mindset that separates you form the pack and improves your performance

What Parents Say About Our Camps...

Wow, where to start… My daughter came home from camp in the afternoon and took naps (not normal for her), so I knew she was being pushed and exerting herself. The classroom training was a big draw. There aren't camps or programs that focus on teaching athletes the fundamentals of the game, and the mental strength and conditioning needed to make it. She had practice during the week of camp, and I immediately saw a difference in her level of confidence and on-court play. She was a different player after just a few days at camp! The camp was professional, thoughtful, and smooth. The way they worked with the kids was very impressive. It was clear that you had their attention, but more importantly, their respect.”

A Venter
Anelda Venter

“The ability to keep the kids engaged in classroom learning and then take those new skills out onto the court for practice, feedback and refinement is an excellent model. The kids wanted to learn about the theory because they were excited to put it into action. After day 2, our son came home demonstrating how to P.O.O.P. (pivot out of pressure). Clearly the concepts were presented in a way that took the theory and made it a lasting reality. Well done.”

Bio Shot 2019
Chad Smith

Sports We Offer

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Your athlete will learn the basketball, leadership, and mindset skills needed to raise their game to another level through dynamic on-court sessions and engaging classroom sessions.



Your athlete will learn the game and fundamental skills needed to play pickleball. They will also have daily leadership and mindset sessions to develop them as a whole athlete.

Volleyball Pic #1 (1)


Your athlete will learn the volleyball, leadership, and mindset skills needed to raise their game to another level through dynamic on-court session and engaging classroom sessions.

More from Parents...

"My son told me he learned more in the one week he was at basketball camp than he ever did in one season of playing basketball." 

image0 (2)
Heather Sines

"Coach Luke was so organized and enthusiastic that I felt confident signing up and leaving my children with him and the other coaches, which was a first for me as a mom. As a soccer coach, I was impressed how well the kids were taught about handling frustration and building confidence."

Jenae Cox
Janae Cox

"I love the mindset focus and teaching specific skills to improve his game. Evan had a great time and I can see his increase in confidence after just 5 days. Thank you!"

EB Headshot (1)
Elizabeth Brown

Kids Deserve Better

At the age of 7, 9/10 kids are involved in at least one sport. But, by the age of 15, between 70-80% have quit sport all together.

Here's the #1 reason they quit: it wasn't fun anymore.

It shouldn't be this way!

When done well, sport is the perfect venue to develop the whole person. We believe every kid deserves a sports experience full of fun, challenge, and growth.

That's why RYG Athletics exists, to help maximize the potential of young athletes in Northwest Arkansas. 

Meet Coach Luke

Luke Gromer is a junior high English teacher and basketball coach in Northwest Arkansas, and he is the founder of RYG Athletics. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Education.

Luke has spent over a decade working at or directing summer camps.

He's been coaching basketball for 4th-9th graders in Northwest Arkansas for the past 7 years, and he's a certified PPR Pickleball Coach.

Luke also created and hosted The Cutting Edge Coaching Podcast where he conducted over 100 interviews on coaching with some of the top coaches, experts, and leaders from across sports.

Luke Gromer Headshot

What Coaches Say about Coach Luke...

“Luke is a high-level coach and teacher of the game. He’s passionate about using sports to positively impact the lives of young people. I have no doubt that RYG Camps will help numerous young players become better athletes, and more importantly, better people!”

BF Headshot

Brad Friess, AAO Founder & Executive Director

"Luke is an intentional and well studied teacher. He has a great approach to teaching and is one of the most prepared and effective I have been around."

TC Headshot

Tyler Coston, SAVI Performance

"I’ve known Luke for several years, and I’m always impressed with the job he does teaching the game to players. Not only does he deeply care about their skill development, but he also puts a premium on building their confidence and character as well. Any athlete would benefit from working with him!"

Screenshot (52)

Matt McLeod, PGC Basketball Director, 3x Texas HS Coach of the Year

"Coach Luke has consistently impressed me since we met nearly 5 years ago. He has a tremendous perspective on sports and methods for teaching. Luke’s attention to detail, organization and preparedness, and commitment to establishing strong relationships with athletes have inspired me to be better in my craft!"

JR Headshot 2

Jordan Rose, Local HS Coach

The Next Steps


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Attend Camp

Experience a a game-changing camp

Raise Your Game

Apply what you learn on the court and in the classroom to raise your game

What Athletes are Saying About Our Camps...

“I thought it was great and jam packed (in a good way), it was super fun and I will come again next year if I can. This camp was fantastic! It was fun, exciting, and I learned a lot.

Adalynn G

“I liked the great coaching. The classroom time and film were also awesome. My favorite moments were bonding with my team and having fun at the final challenge!

Miller W.

“Camp was really good. I liked that it talked about things that other camps don’t talk about. I will definitely come next time!”

Naomi F.

“I liked how nice everybody was! I also improved a lot over the week and had a fun time."

Brody P.

“I loved how the coaches noticed our mistakes AND our good hits and serves.”

Revel H.

“I liked how all the coaches were super nice and encouraging to everybody!”

Ella R.

Find Your Camp



Basketball Foundations


$497 Last Call Price (expires soon)

Camp Details:
  • Dates: July 22-26
  • Time: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Ages: Entering 5th-8th Grade Boys and Girls
  • Spots: Only 64—filling fast! 6 spots remaining for boys and 12 for girls.
  • Location: AAO in Fayetteville


Pickleball Foundations


$217 Last Call Price

Camp Details:
  • Dates: June 3-7
  • Time: 8:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Ages: Entering 5th-9th Grade Boys and Girls
  • Spots: 32 max
  • Location: Osage Park, Bentonville, AR


Volleyball Foundations


Camp Details:
  • Dates: June 10-13
  • Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Ages: Entering 5th-8th Girls
  • Spots: 60 max—1 left!
  • Location: Springdale Parks and Recreation
  • Director: Jordan Neal, University of Arkansas Assistant Coach

The RYG Guarantee

If your child attends a camp and you're not satisfied with their experience, we'll refund 100% of your money.

Get a Sneak Peek at Camp

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Basketball Pickleball Volleyball

Basketball Camp Preview - Summer 2024


Is my child good enough for camp?

Skill and ability levels will vary from camp to camp, but we commit to finding the right level of difficulty and competition for each player within a session.

If your child loves the sport and wants to get better, they'll love camp!

What's the ratio of campers to coaches?

This varies from camp to camp.

For basketball, the max ratio is 16/1.

For pickleball, the max ratio is 8/1.

For volleyball, the max ration is 15/1.

We intentionally have small ratios to ensure that athletes receiving timely feedback and coaching, and we create the safest environment possible.

What's the daily schedule like?

This depends on the camp. Check out the free preview of the specific camp you're interested in to see the daily schedule.

What does the classroom time consist of?

Each camp has classroom time that consists of the three elements below:

  1. Athletics
  2. Leadership
  3. Mindset
What's different about what RYG Athletics does?

A lot!

First, we use a Constraints-Led Approach to coaching underpinned by the Ecological Dynamics theoretical framework.

We have a why behind our what. 

Everything we do on court is about developing adaptable skills that actually transfer to the game.

Too many camps, clinics, and practices attempt to isolate skills outside of the context they occur in. This isn't how sport skills are learned or the game is played.

We put all our athletes in games or game-like situations, that help the skills and habits we're teaching emerge in the way they happen in the game.

What if my child doesn't enjoy camp?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you or your child is not satisfied with their experience at camp after the first two days, we'll refund your registration fee. 

Is lunch provided?

No, lunch is not provided.

Athletes will need to bring a sack lunch to eat each day if they are at a full day camp.