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About RYG Athletics


We Believe in the Power of Sport

We believe in the power of sport as a vehicle to transform lives. 

When used well, sport is the ideal environment to teach resilience, leadership, and life skills. 

Sport provides opportunities for athletes to experience the power and benefits of connection, challenge, support, and fun.

We use the game of basketball as a vehicle to positively impact lives.

We Love Helping Young Athletes Grow

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing a young athlete grow.

We exist to serve athletes on their journey to reach their aspirations and dreams. 

We believe summer camps are the ideal environment for athletes to transform their games and even their life in a short period of time.


We Know the Power of Camps

Camps are the perfect place for young athletes to develop because the focus is on one thing only: development. 

At camp, it's not about wins and losses, playing time, or anything else at a camp, it's just about learning, growing, and improving.

At RYG Athletics, athletes have the opportunity to grow and stretch themselves in an environment filled with challenge, support, connection, and fun.

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Meet the Founder

Luke Gromer Headshot

Luke Gromer, M. Ed

Founder & Director

Luke Gromer is an English teacher and Junior High basketball coach in Northwest Arkansas. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Education.

Luke has spent over 10 years working at or directing summer camps. He's also worked with and trained under one of the premiere basketball education organizations in the country, PGC Basketball. He's been coaching basketball for 4th-9th graders in Northwest Arkansas for the past 7 years. 

He also created and hosted The Cutting Edge Coaching Podcast where he's conducted over 100 interviews on coaching with some of the top coaches, experts, and leaders from across sports.

Luke is on a mission to transform sport to be used as a force for good in the lives of athletes and coaches.